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Description:  Just as the title suggests, these are thumb style screws used for mounting rack equipment.  They function in much the same way as any rack mount screw with one significant difference: These screws can be installed and removed completely by hand allowing you to install and remove rack gear without the need for any tools (see photos right).  

For those who prefer to use a standard blade screw driver I have added a slot in the head so a blade screw driver can be used to tighten these further if necessary.

"How do they work? "
1) Place your gear in the rack. 
2) Align the equipment holes with the rack rail holes. 
3) Install the thumb screw.  It's that easy.

"What racks will these work with?
Virtually all racks including threaded rail racks and racks that have round or square hole racks that use clip or cage style retainer nuts (e.g. SKB, Gator, and others).  Note: Clip / cage nuts needed when using punched hole (unthreaded) racks are not included in this auction.

"What rack equipment will these work with?"
Again, virtually all rack mount equipment can be  mounted with these screws.  This includes music, video, broadcast, telecom, DJ, data (server, router, switch, hub. etc).

Specifications?  Unlike standard rack screws which are formed in one operation these screws are precision machined from single piece carbon steel.  Five operations are needed to make each screw and for reference purposes each screw weighs 4 times what a standard phillips truss head rack screw weighs.  Indeed, these are very "beefy" screws and are far more expensive to manufacturer than a standard rack screw. 

Who make these?  
These screws are designed and manufactured by us, Rack Release Systems.

About our products:  Rack Release rack mount equipment screws and quick release fasteners have been used by such companies as Microsoft, Intel, Apple Computer,  Cisco, 3com, Nortel Networks, The FBI, Northrop Grumman, Sun Microsystems, VeriSign, Quantum, The National Institute of Health and many more.  Over 1 million Rack Release quick release fasteners have been sold since I introduced them in 1991.

"We use these screws in my research lab here at Stanford University. Our research field involves manipulating single atoms and molecules. But the connection with your rack mount thumb screws is that we use racks full of commercial and custom built electronics for our control systems, and we are constantly reconfiguring equipment to adapt to new experiments and to test new strategies. These screws have been fantastic in keeping things running smoothly in the lab on a day-to-day basis, and also quite helpful when we have to install and move around heavier pieces of rack-mount equipment."

Professor Hari Manoharan
Stanford University, Department of Physics
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials

Installing By Hand

What thread size is right for you?  The following are the most common and we offer them all:  

An American screw size.  Commonly used in all rack mount applications including music, video, broadcast, data and more.  90% of the screws and fasteners we sell are 10-32.  The "10" refers to the drill size for a tapped (threaded) hole.  This thread has 32 threads per inch. 

An American screw size still common for rack 
mounting equipment particularly in the US telecommunications industry.  It has 24 threads per inch. Again, the first number refers to the drill size required for a tapped (threaded) hole.   It is larger in diameter than a 10-32 screw and smaller than an M6 screw.  8% of the screws we sell here in the US are 12-24. 

Metric thread size of 6 millimeters. Typical thread size for European rack applications.  Also used in Compaq racks and Euro racks sold here in the US.  Larger than both 10-32 and 12-24. 

If you are unsure of your thread size take one of your rack screws to the local hardware store.  They will be able tell you the exact screw size you have.

Additional Specs:


 Carbon steel.  
 Black oxide coated.

Overall Length: 

 Approx. 1.25" (31mm)

Thread Length: 

 Approx. 3/4" (19mm)

Advantages over standard rack screws:
- No tools required.  Can be installed and removed 
  completely by hand.
- Screw head is slotted allowing additional tightening
  with a blade screw  driver or coin.  Hex Head is 9mm
  hex and can be more securely fastened with any
  adjustable wrench, 9mm wrench or 9mm socket. 
- Works with virtually all racks and all rack mount

- Slotted head for use with bladed screw driver.
- Can be installed and removed by hand.  Not
  tools required. 

- Long 3/4" thread length works with all racks and
  rack equipment.
- Head diameter: Approx. 1/2"
- Available in 10-32, 12-24 and M6 (6mm) thread sizes. 
  sizes are also available.    
- Heat treated and black oxide coated.
- Black nylon washers are included for each screw.  



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