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We design and manufacture screws and fasteners for rack mount equipment.  Our patented quick release fasteners have been in worldwide use since 1991 and are used by such companies as Microsoft, Intel, Apple Computer, Google, Cisco, 3com, Nortel Networks, Northrup-Gruman, FBI, VeriSign, Quantum, National Institute of Health and many more.  

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  • Clip and Cage Style Retainer Nuts

    - Clip Nuts - For use with Dell, APC,
      HP, SKB, Gator and all other
      round hole, non-threaded rack rails.
    - 10-32 and M6 (6mm) thread sizes

    - Will also work with unthreaded square
      hole rack rails.

    - Cage Nuts - For use with unthreaded,
      square hole rack rails.  

    - 10-32, 12-24 and M6 (6mm)
       thread sizes available.

Clip Nut
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Cage Nut
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  • Thumb Style Rack Screws
    Hex & Round Head 

    Description:  These unique, custom designed, professional quality rack mount thumb screws can be installed completely by hand.  Use them to mount all types of rack mount equipment  in virtually any rack including threaded rail racks and  un-threaded  racks  that use cage or clip  style retainer nuts.

    Designed by Rack Release Systems.

    - Long 3/4" Thread.  Heat
      Treated & Black Oxide
    - Overall Length: 1.25"  

    - Slotted for use with blade
      style screw driver.  Can
      also be installed and
      removed completely by

    - Hex head model has 9mm
      Anti-Tamper Hex Head.    

    - Available in 10-32,
      and M6 Thread Sizes. 
     (12-24 thread size is
      available in TSH models


Round Head
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Hex Head
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"We use these screws in my research lab here at Stanford University. Our research field involves manipulating single atoms and molecules. But the connection with your rack mount thumb screws is that we use racks full of commercial and custom built electronics for our control systems, and we are constantly reconfiguring equipment to adapt to new experiments and to test new strategies. These screws have been fantastic in keeping things running smoothly in the lab on a day-to-day basis, and also quite helpful when we have to install and move around heavier pieces of rack-mount equipment."

Professor Hari Manoharan
Stanford University, Department of Physics
Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials

  • Phillips Truss Head Rack Screws

    - Black Oxide Coated

    3/4" Thread.

    - Available in 10-32, 12-24 thread sizes. 

    - Nylon washers Included.

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  • Quick Release Rack Mount Equipment Fasteners 

    - Available in 10-32 Thread Size.
" My position at Cisco requires that I move many pieces of equipment almost every day. The Rack Release system allows me the freedom of mobility as well as the convenience of rack mounting equipment that is not in use. The design of the mounting screws as well as the ease of assembly allow for quick installation and tear down (often with nothing more than my fingers). You have made my job MUCH easier. Thanks for a great product!" 

Chris Jackson - Cisco Systems, Inc.

Extended Length

Standard Length

Works with both threaded rails and rails that use clip
and cage style retainer nuts. 



RRSF - Limited Quantities Available

Description:  Our patented Rack Release Quick Release Fasteners are ideally suited for use with threaded rail racks.  Washers, including extras, are included with all orders. 

These fasteners, perfect for all racks including racks using clip/cage/retainer nuts style are now available.  See below. 

Over 1 million Rack Release fasteners have been sold worldwide and are in use by such companies as Microsoft, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Cisco, 3com, Nortel Networks, VeriSign, Quantum, National Institute of Health and many more. 

Designed, Patented and Manufactured By Rack Release Syste



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